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For Sale

We have wanted to open up a small business like this for a few years but have never had the right crew help to do it. I feel I have everything in line on my racing side and now I can open up myself to do a few other things. I helped a few people last year with consulting/spring work on their cars. I really enjoy working with people and giving feedback to hopefully better their racing team. I have been asked quite a few times in the last few years but never had time to do this. I will be offering many different areas as well as being a dealer for many companies.

Areas I will be offering but not limited:

-Yearly Consulting

-“Turn key” shock programs (which means when you get the shocks they will go right on the car and race)

- 1 on 1 car programs (look over the entire car from lead placement/body mounting/ seat and pedal mounting/ scaling/ set front end/ get your load numbers and then show how to adjust/checking RF and LR travel and much more in 1 or 2 days)

-Black Diamond dealer (Buying a complete roller through me will come with tech help)

-Penske Shock dealer

-Hoosier Tire dealer

-We are also a dealer of the following-

Wehrs Machine/ Accu Force/ Eibach Springs/ FK Rod Ends/ New Vision Graphics/ Strange Engineering/ XS Batteries/ FuelSafe Racing Cells/ DEI Technologies/ Out Pace Racing/ Bert Transmission/ Motorstate/ Allstar Performance/ AFCO/ Hooker Harness/ Wiles Driveshafts/ Peterson Fluid Systems/ Sweet Manufacturing/ Kluhsman Racing Components/ Beyea Custom Headers/ Bell Helmets/ Frankland Racing Reareneds/ Quickcar Racing


2019 Black Diamond - 15 races only

The only reason we are selling is because we had a guy wanting this specific car and then his money man fell through. We built another car and can’t afford to have 3.

This car is identical to the black diamonds that I am racing now and the same as the one that comes off Stuckey’s jig tomorrow. You can call black diamond and ask them any questions also

430 clements 11 degree
Built new at the end of 2018
***0 freshens
650 laps
0 laps on valve springs
I changed the springs last week

Car has the best of everything just like I raced it

Beyea stainless lightweight headers
Stealth carb
Peterson oil tank,
Peterson R4 oil pump
Fluidyne thin oil cooler
Penske shocks
Eibach springs
Bert second gen tranny and starter
Bert lMag bellhousing
Wiles carbon drive shaft
Fuelsafe stuckey Cell
safecraft fire system
FK heims
TWM cages and spindles
Wehrs frame slider j bar 6th coil
Quickcar gauges, master disconnect
Tel tac OTP
KRC fuel filter
New black body
Afco lightweight radiator
Lead included
4 NEW wheels and tires included

All you need to race this car is a seat and I will assist you guys with anything you need


Any questions call or text 870-307-9320

We are putting a new nose on tomorrow and it can be picked up immediately.

Complete car minus engine, carb, headers, wheels, tires, radiator, lead

Clements Engine only $33,000

If you have any questions regarding any of our programs or if you have something else in mind, please send us a message on Facebook or email www.facebook.com/BMJEnterprises bmjracing@gmail.com